Unidex-Farma is the hygiene, health and beauty division of a group of manufacturing and distribution companies with 20 years of experience in various sectors.

At Unidex-Farma we work to provide the pharmaceutical sector with products that are natural and healthy for human use. These products are high-quality, with added value and are very competitive in the dermo-cosmetics and food supplement markets.
We have a firm objective, to be liders in providing high quality and value with our brand, differenciating our products for the well-being of our customers at a nacional and internacional level.


2011 Unidex-Farma takes a step beyond quality assurance and naturalness in cosmetic dermatology, being accredited for the manufacture of a new range of products Saluvital with ECOCERT certification.

ECOCERT is the first certification body to develop a European standard for "natural and organic cosmetics" and ensures a minimum threshold of natural and derived ingredients organic farming , the absence of GMOs, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, silicone, PEG, perfumes and synthetic dyes and biodegradable or recyclable nature of packaging.

ISO 9001

2013 Group Unidex is committed to a quality management system and is awarded certification of compliance with the international standard ISO 9001 whereby the company acquires a commitment to continuous improvement in both management, and quality of products and services, and customer satisfaction.